AtmaNirbhar was founded on the principle of Self Reliance and Self Sustenance. We provide people with mental health issues a place where they can find themselves again - they can rebuild lost confidence, they can demolish the stigma that haunts them and their families, they can find their footing before they find their way into the main stream.

AtmaNirbhar has grown from 2 in 2014 to 15 people with mental health issues in 2016. Our goal is to provide more spaces where people with mental health issues can be engaged, trained and gainfully employed leading to reintegration and independence.


Kala is employed in the AtmaNirbhar Departmental store. Her child is taken care of by Kala’s mother while she is at work. Kala struggles with not only her ill health but also making ends meet for herself and her child. At AtmaNirbhar Store Kala is engaged in the packing section and is happy to finally have work which helps her in contributing to the family and the well being of her child.


Mani has been gainfully employed at ATMANIRBHAR Departmental store for the last 8 months. His work begins at 10:00 a.m and goes on till 5:30 pm for 6 days a week. He is involved in accounting and data entry. He is well qualified and articulate.

Mani is 42 years old and diagnosed with schizophrenia currently under medication. Mani lives away from his family in a residential rehabilitation home. Mani travels 60 kms back and forth from the residential home to the store. He buys his medicines with the money he earns. He shares a beautiful camaraderie with the others employed in the store and dislikes taking a day off. After a very long period of illness and being considered useless, today Mani feels productive, his self esteem has gone up and he is surrounded with people who value him.

Mani hopes to work in a corporate job someday.

When Kala and Mani and the others like them with mental health issues first began working at AtmaNirbhar stores they were low on self esteem, stigmatised and sceptical about working. Soon, with a structured routine and a stress free environment, they find themselves happy that they are being productive, feel socially and intellectually included, thrilled that they are earning a living and contributing to their treatment and family.