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About Us

AtmaNirbhar is a registered non profit that aims to accelerate rehabilitation for people with mental health issues by creating sustainable employment opportunities for them. All of us have the right to decent and productive work in conditions of freedom, equity, security and human dignity. For per-sons with mental health issues, achieving this right is particularly challenging. Employment can enhance the economic and social integration of people with mental health issues. Mental Illness has been found to be one of the most misunderstood and neglected of disabilities. At AtmaNirbhar we want to bridge the huge gap that is present in employment opportunities that are available to persons with mental health issues. Atmanirbhar strives to demolish the stigma attached to employing persons with mental health issues by creating sustainable and successful employment units that provide gainful employment to people with mental health issues. No one should be ignored, outcast and denied because of a wrong perception of their abilities.

Our Vision at AtmaNirbhar is to create and collaborate to create ventures that make available opportunities for people with mental health issues to be gainfully employed. We provide a secure, engaging environment where a person with mental ill health can slowly explore and regain lost self esteem, become a productive individual, be gainfully employed and start the process of independent living.

AtmaNirbhar has been founded by Ratna Chibber and Tanya Dutt in 2012.

Ratna Chibber is a caregiver to a sibling with mental illness. She is a technocrat entrepreneur managing a speciality chemicals industry in Chennai, India. She has provided gainful employment to several people with mental disabilities including her brother in her industry. This led her to con-ceptualise creating a model exclusively dedicated to providing employment for people with mental health issues.

Tanya Dutt is a second generation entrepreneur and has been working with people with mental illness over the last 6 years. She has a family member with mental illness.

Ratna Chibber and Tanya Dutt are also part of AASHA - a caregiver organisation that works to-wards rehabilitation of people with mental illness. www.theaashafamily.org